Cyber Criminals Really Like When You Use Sticky Notes

Dear Users at XYZ Corp,

I really appreciate all of those colorful sticky notes on your desks. First, I would like to thank Susie from accounting. That office party photo on social media with the door code stuck to someone’s monitor was picture perfect. After using that code to access the building, I found many more users to thank. No one suspects a thing when you come through a coded employee entrance dressed like an IT professional. Everyone did a great job at locking their computers when they left for lunch. I want to thank Gary for leaving his password stuck to the bottom of his keyboard. With my remote access software installed, I don’t even need to come back later. Jill, the office manager, was kind of enough to leave her email credentials on a bright green sticky note. That gave me the green light to email everyone letting them know I’d be stopping by their desk to make the network run faster. The HR Director’s secretary deserves some appreciation as well. I’m sure she spent a lot of time converting her boss’s entire company and personal schedule into a beautiful sticky note rainbow. This will be a big help when I need to know where her boss is.

Later that evening that remote access really paid off. After getting access to all of the company’s employee records, I now know the HR Director’s home address and it looks like there’s a family vacation scheduled next week. Again, I want to thank you all for making it so easy for me to exploit XYZ Corp. I couldn’t have done it without your lovely sticky notes.

The Cyber Criminal

Thank You Sticky Note on Keyboard

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