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We just wanted to let our readers know that on occasion we may have sponsored content. This content will always be clearly marked.  We have a commitment to never display automated ads on our website. We don’t like ads either (correction: we hate them…  we really really hate them). We arm our browsers with the latest in precision guided ordinance and it’s bye-bye ads. The only ad-like things you may see are going to appear at the end of our articles and the weaved into the main pages of the site. The purpose of these is to make our readers aware of solutions that we feel are relevant to the topic and can honestly help them. Getting a sponsorship helps us run learninfosec.org and create some really awesome content. Furthermore, we are committed to never letting sponsored content cloud our judgment. Our primary goal is to provide a resource for our users that is always truthful and objective. 

We thank you for your understanding! If you have questions or concerns be sure to email us at info@learninfosec.org.

Sponsoring Content

If you have a solution that meets our high-standards (Slap-Chops need not apply) we may be interested in you sponsoring content on our site. Please email info@learninfosec.org for more information

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