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There’s a massive struggle that has been impacting all major businesses. It’s employment, and we may be feeling it more than most. Year after year it gets harder for us to justify, hiring employees for specific positions within a company. We’ve been a huge proponent for outsourcing I.T. for years now. There are many benefits to this. Our main focus is the increase in QOS (quality of service) without increasing costs (it actually lowers cost). When it comes to hiring a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) it can be very costly without many advantages over a vCISO (Virtual CISO). Let’s take a look at just 3 reasons why a vCISO may be the superior option here.


Traditional CISO

According to many online hiring platforms the average salary for a CISO in 2020 was well over $150,000. This does not take into account the additional labor costs that will often tack on an additional 10-15 percent. In the event your new employees isn’t a good fit, some of the costs associated with hiring and training traditional CISOs will never be recovered. You will also need to consider the costs of re-entering the job market to find a replacement.


Your typical vCISO will run between 30% and 60% the cost of a CISO. There’s a huge opportunity to reduce your overhead here. Not only can you avoid all of the additional labor costs, but there’s no training required. You can get right into managing your security. Our partner also brings extremely powerful software to the table and, best of all, it’s included in the deal.


Traditional CISO

The common phrase, “All Your Eggs in One Basket,” has never been so fitting. With the specialized role of CISO, the quality of your organization’s information security is going to rest squarely on one employee’s shoulders. Now, I can’t think of a single organization that doesn’t rely on individuals to support it, but we believe the CISO requires a team.


A vCISO from the right provider is backed by a team of experts. This is a very important point to drive home. Quality increases dramatically when you have a team of experts that specialize in a specific area. Sure you could hire one guy to run around a Formula 1 car, but your going to lose the race. The right team will work together to get the wheels on quicker and get your organization that 1st place trophy.

Besides the team, a vCISO is typically backed by a suite of enterprise software capable of automating tasks that greatly improve the quality of service. The software our partners use is world-class and could provide your organization with game-changing advantages.

Taking InfoSec to the Next Level

It may seem that I am being very harsh on CISOs, and that’s the struggle. There are many employee roles that you shouldn’t outsource because they provide better quality controls, costs, and security. The very specialized nature of the CISO makes it an ideal candidate for virtualization. It makes it an even easier decision for us when our trusted partner sets the bar for virtual CISO solutions. They’ve got a solid track record for supporting organizations for over 30 years. If you’re interested getting a quote we’ve got you covered.

  • +Review/Creation and Implementation of Policies, Procedures, and Emergency Plans

  • +Establishment of Governance Board

  • +Risk Assessments

  • +Compliance Reviews

  • +Awareness Training

  • +Management of System Testing

  • +Asset Inventories and Much More

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